Elena Picone, 2009

BA Hons Fashion student, Elena won the Award when it was first launched in 2009. She chose to create a menswear collection featuring floral design. Elena's work was inspired by floral chintzes from MoDA's collections, which she combined with her interest in 1960s fashion and tailoring.
  • Elena used her first board to explain her initial interest in floral design derived from previous research into the life of Bobby James, a 1960s Mod, who shared his parents’ home that was decorated with English florals. This led Elena to research more floral designs, choosing two particular print fabrics from the MoDA collections. One of the printed fabrics, Appleford, is featured here.

  • The second print fabric, Rapport, from which Elena drew inspiration, is featured here.

  • Elena decorated her second board with pages from her sketchbook to demonstrate the development of her design ideas. Elena's sketches showed how she combined the colour palette and the feminine design taken from the print fabrics with the hard and clear lines of the traditional London Pie & Mash shop, all the while designing within the liitations of the Mod boy silhouette.

  • Elena used her final board to show her menswear graduate collection inspired by the print fabrics from MoDA’s collections. The judges were impressed with the way that Elena had used feminine floral designs to develop her range of menswear; a clever twist on a traditional theme.

  • Printed florals feature not only on shirts but also on tailored shorts, parka hood linings, neck ties and even socks in Elena's menswear collection.

  • Elena is currently employed as a Multi-Product Designer at Rhythm, a company that designs and manufactures womanswear for some of the high street's biggest brands such as Topshop and River Island.

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