Annie Skipper, winner 2010

BA Hons. Applied Print student Annie Skipper was our winner in 2010. Annie created a suite of outdoor furniture made from found wood. The design carved into the furniture and the colourful prints were inspired by John Aldridge's 'Moss' wallpaper sample from MoDA's collections. The colour palette present in the colourful vinyl prints was inspired by Annie's exploration of the great outdoors and in particular the flora found in Epping Forest. Annie's work reflected her attempt to challenge the idea of 'Mother Nature' by combining nature with human practices and homemade techniques.
  • Annie used her first board to set the scene for her challenge by overlaying a forest scene on top of Aldridge's 'Moss' wallpaper.

  • Moss. Wallpaper sample.

  • Annie used her second board to explain how she took Aldridge's design, developed it further and carved it into solid wood, making Aldridge's design three dimensional.

  • Annie contrasted this natural look with a series of experimental prints both hand printed and digital, again inspired by Aldridge's design. When applied to the wood, the transparent and vinyl nature of the prints appears to create an illusion of an extra skin as well as enabling textures to be visible. The vibrant colours present in the prints were inspired by saturated tones present in Annie's photographs and sketches from Epping Forest.

  • Annie with her finished suite of garden furniture including the table with carved design and colourful prints throughout.

  • Annie received her award from Phil Healey, Head of the Department of Art & Design at Middlesex University. Annie’s innovative use of natural forms depicted in the wallpaper sample, combined with the tree trunk’s natural form, made her a worthy winner.

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