Kerry Howley, winner 2011

BA Hons Jewellery student, Kerry Howley was our winner in 2011. Kerry created a series of unique necklaces made from human hair after taking inspiration from damask wallpapers in the museum’s collection.
  • Kerry used her first board to explain her ideas behind her hair jewellery, pointing out that once shed, hair becomes a source of aversion rather than attraction. Her aim was to see if she could make discarded hair beautiful and wearable again. To achieve this Kerry looked at using pattern, which led her MoDA where she was able to source inspiration from a series of damask wallpapers.

  • Kerry’s second board explained how she chose to focus on six particular damask designs as inspiration for her necklace designs. She illustrated the design and research process by including pages from her sketchbook, as well as a photograph of hair necklace under construction.

  • Kerry’s final board reveals the finished necklaces. These beautiful close-up images clearly show how Kerry has translated the damask patterns into unique pieces of jewellery. Kerry commented, 'If I had not been so excited by the possibilities of the patterns I found there (MoDA) my work may have taken a different course'.

  • Kerry receiving her award from Phil Healey, Head of the Department of Art & Design at Middlesex University. The reaction to Kerry's series of hair necklaces has been extensive. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally; there have been articles in the local and national press; and Kerry was chosen by the Craft Magazine as one of their six favourite graduates of 2012.

  • 'The collections at MoDA were so inspirational in the design of the necklaces', Kerry commented. 'The first time around I only touched the tip of the iceberg - there is still so much more to see!'

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