Elsa Sandy, winner 2012

BA Hons Design, Interior & Applied Arts student, Elsa won the Award in 2012. Elsa created an intricate pendant light shade after taking inspiration from late nineteenth century designs in the museum’s collections.
  • Elsa used her first board to explain her interest in collections-inspired product combined with an interest in the history of lace-making in the nineteenth century. Elsa goes on to link her interest in lace design to ‘lace-like’ designs in the museum’s collections which became the inspiration for a series of homeware products.

  • Elsa’s second board explains how she used an element of a particular museum design to generate a lace effect pattern and apply that pattern to a rotating cake stand or Lazy Susan.

  • Elsa took inspiration from this design for a textile.

  • Elsa’s final board focuses on applying the same pattern to a three dimensional pendant light shade.

  • The judges were particularly impressed with the depth of Elsa’s research into the collections and her interpretation skills, leading to an innovative lighting design.

  • Elsa commented on her winning design, 'The Love Lace light shade is a sculptural addition to a room and at night generates dynamic lighting efffects. Coloured shades are available and since making the wood shade, I have explored acrylic for glass like qualities, plus small tea light versions ideal for the garden.'

  • Elsa received her award from Phil Healey, Head of the Department of Art & Design at Middlesex University. Phil commented, 'I was really impressed with Elsa's entry, in particular that she had clearly researched the collections at MoDA before going on to create an innovative lighting design using a variety of materials.'

  • Elsa with MoDA staff on the occasion of Middlesex University's annual awards ceremony. MoDA's Learning Officer Richard Lumb said: ' We really liked the way that Elsa interpreted a design from the Silver Studio collection to create an amazing pendant light shade. Elsa was a deserved winner of the award.'

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