Kremena Dimitrova, winner 2013

Ba Hons Illustration student, Kremena won the Award in 2013. Kremena was inspired by a series of five silhouetted postcards from the collections to create a body of work, including an animation, a wallpaper design and children's picture book.
  • Kremena used her first board to document her research-inspired journey culminating in a piece of stop-motion animation and a wallpaper design. Her journey began with a series of silhouetted postcards from the museum's collections which ignited an interest in old British stories, notably 'The Miller's Tale' by Geoffrey Chaucer. The postcards also inspired Kremena to research the work of the German animator, Lotte Reiniger, whose intricate silhouette works resemble the postcards.

  • The love-thief - one of a series of five silhouetted postcards from which Kremena drew inspiration for her work.

  • Kremena used her second board to illustrate the stages in the making of her animated version of the 'Miller's Tale', including the design of the uppetsand backgrounds. The board also shows how Kremena created a wallaper design derived from the animation storyboard.

  • Finally Kremena sequenced the stills from her animation to create a children's picture book, presented in the form of a wallpaper design.

  • Kremena received her Award from Hilary Robinson, Dean of the School of Art & Design at Middlesex University. The judges were unanimous in their decision to award the prize to Kremena. They 'were struck by the level of enquiry and investigation using different media' which Kremena had used to develop her ideas, 'resulting in an impressive and coherent body of work. (They) thought she had produced an evocative, memorable and imaginative interpretation.'

  • Kremena received her Award from Dame Janet Ritterman, Chancellor of Middlesex University at the University's annual awards ceremony. 'Winning the Award proved to me that hard work and perserverance does pay off', commented Kremena. 'I am thrilled to have won and as I want to start up my own business as a freelance illustrator and animator, the prize money will help me to do thisby allowing me to set up my own website and to purchase materials required for my professional practice'.

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