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Montage, Collage & Abstraction

To book designers, photography is just one medium of many, and can be used on its own or in conjunction with others. By manually cutting and pasting photographs, and combining them with other media or other photographs, new images can be made, and new moods and effects created. Photography is known for its accuracy, but it can also be used to create abstract cover images. Through abstraction, subjects are seen in new ways, as unconventional portrayals distance the viewer from traditional interpretations. This inventive approach can lead to an array of new meanings and ideas suggested by the book’s cover.
  • Homes for the People

    This cover uses photography and hand illustration to create narrative. Contemporary life is represented through photography, in the queue of people on the right hand side, and the future is represented through the hand illustration of an ideal home under construction. Using these two style sets up a dialogue between them.

  • Houses for Moderate Means

    This cover uses two photographs in a montage to convey the process of building a house. By showing aspects of house building, from idea to completion, the designer of this cover has opened up a visual narrative for the viewer. The way in which the photographs have been displayed on the page also further this sense of a story being told, as the image runs from a left to right diagonal.

  • Architecture in Lebanon

    This cover focuses on the pattern on the facade of this building. The architecture is cut-out from its context by the close up photograph which in combination with the abstract pattern made by the windows, further distances it from other photographs of buildings. Photography can be used in many inventive ways to interpret the subject of book differently.

  • Architecture in Glass and Decoration

    The photographer has worked with the reflective glass on the building to create a multi-layered image. Using the grid like planes in the photograph, the cover has been further abstracted through striped colour filters which break up the picture plane. The over all abstracting effect of the muted tones and unusual photograph on this cover demonstrates the qualities of glass used in architecture.

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