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Britain's Heritage

British heritage industry is based on our wealth of castles, gardens and stately homes. These guidebooks show the way in which Britain is seen by many, as the land of Kings and Queens, Shakespeare and cream teas. The covers of these guide books confirm this view through their choice of half-timbered houses, ruins and parkland.
  • Ham House, A Guide

    Guidebooks for stately homes can often err on the side of caution for their covers. Visitors are attracted by the history of these locations and here, a historic illustration of the property has been used for the book.

  • The National Trust Guide

    The cover of this hefty volume shows a half timbered house in a park land setting. Playing up to the traditional imagery of heritage, this book epitomises the British Heritage industry. Photography has been used on this cover to a real image of an English summer’s day.

  • Crusader Castles

    Castles help feed in to another part of British history, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. This cover adds to these medieval ideas with an illustration of a shield, weapons and flag staff. The yellow and red colours used make it an eye-catching and jolly cover.

  • Early English Railways

    This quaint illustration recalls Britain’s heritage in the world of railways. With the invention of Robert Stephenson’s Rocket in 1829, Britain was at the forefront of locomotive design for many years, and brought railway systems to other countries in the Empire. This Regency style illustration creates a link to a bygone age by adapting the design tropes and colours of the time.

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