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The British Seaside

The British sea side is famous for its lack of Riviera weather and glamour. The coastline and waterways of Britain have been portrayed in many ways as working navigation routes, holiday destinations and, during the war, a defensive front. These books show the diversity of these representations.
  • Beside the Sea

    This wonderfully abstract cover shows an unexpected approach to the seaside. This close up photograph of the sand breaks away from traditional representations of the seaside and look at things in a new light. The surreal nature of the sea has been identified by many artists, and this strange photograph gives an alternative take on this traditional British holiday resort.

  • Coastal Command

    During the war, Britain’s beaches took on a defensive purpose and this book shows the seaside in action. The designer of this cover has taken artistic licence in order to portray the sea front at work. By using a telescope, the artists can depict the view out at sea as well as on the coast in the reflection of the lens. Using this composition the designer can create the drama and narrative from two locations in one scene.

  • London’s Riverside- Past, Present and Future

    Britain’s waterways have long been vital thoroughfares for leisure and industry. This book discusses London’s riverside and uses a historical illustration to show the river in action. At this time boats were one of the primary modes of transport for industry, shipping goods around Britain and all over the world.

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