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Britain not only represents itself at home, but abroad too. The British Government and Royal Family constantly have to worry about how to present themselves to others, and British companies have to decide what visual representation of Britain to use for branding and promotion. These books show some of the ways in which this has been done, and some of the situations where it occurs.
  • Britain in Brussels

    This fantastic booklet filled with pattern and colour was designed to promote Britain abroad in 1958. 1950s took inspiration from the space race and other cutting edge scientific developments to create a new visual identity for the decade. The designer has used bright colour schemes and patterned to reinvigorating Britain as a brand. Inside, traditional British icons such as Beefeaters and policemen have been brightened up with a new colour scheme and science inspired patterns.

  • The Abyssinian Campaign

    Military campaigns are one area where Britain has to use tact and diplomacy to present itself correctly. This cover aims to send out a positive message about British relations with Abyssinia (now Ethiopia). The photograph is designed to represent both parties but also indicate a peaceful mood of co-operation. However, to modern eyes this representation has many connections to Britain’s colonial past and would perhaps not be seen as appropriate today.

  • BOAC Route Map

    This route map show a British company, BOAC, representing Britain alongside other nations. Every part of the cover artwork is representative of a place; from the little red London bus behind the Kangaroo on the bottom left to the American Skyscrapers. BOAC presents itself as dynamic, modern and international by using a fashionable illustration style for its exotic destinations.

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