The Silver Studio and the Art of Japan

In the mid 1880s, the Silver Studio produced designs for a number of clients including Liberty & Co. They created designs which incorporated Japanese ideas but adapted them for British tastes. The Silver Studio incorporated Japanese motifs including fans, geometric shapes and mon into designs for fabrics and wallpapers. (Mon are circular devices containing stylised designs. They were traditionally used in Japan to show family allegiance).
  • Cotton Textile Sample by Arthur Silver, 1890 (ST287)

    This cotton textile sample features Japanese blossom, chrysanthemums and butterflies with mon style roundels and a tightly spaced geometric pattern in the background. The pattern was designed by Arthur Silver for Liberty & Co in about 1890. It features the geometric shapes and mon patterns that were particularly popular in Britain at this time

  • Design for decoration of door and wall, 1880s (SD3)

    This design for the decoration of a door and wall for a fashionable late nineteenth century home was created by Arthur Silver in the 1880s. The rich blue colour theme and the use of Japanese objects such as fans are typical of the Aesthetic Movement and show how Japanese ideas influenced the Silver Studio.

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