Katagami in the Silver Studio Collection

In the 1880s or 90s the Silver Studio acquired a large number of Japanese stencils, known as 'katagami'. Katagami were used in Japan as a method of applying designs to fabric, generally kimonos. The patterns are often very intricate and involve animals, plants, and geometric forms, in repeating patterns. The Silver Studio designers experimented with making prints from these stencils, and they incorporated the patterns into wallpaper and textile designs. Using katagami patterns in this way made otherwise traditional designs appear more exotic.
  • Bordered Design by the Silver Studio (SD11824)

    This bordered design features stylised carnations and wide waving bands. The geometric wheat sheaf pattern in katagami stencil K1.1 is used to fill in part of the pattern. The design was produced by the Silver Studio in 1893. Incorporating the pattern from a katagami stencil made this otherwise quite traditional design appear more exotic.

  • katagami (K1.25)

    A katagami stencil with a beautiful design of butterflies and flowers.

  • Butterfly design derived from katagami (SD7588)

    This design features stylised butterflies and plants in a repeating pattern. It is a direct print from a katagami stencil (K1.25), and was made in around 1895. The stencil was used twice to achieve the repeating pattern.

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