Landscapes and Lanterns

During the 1920s and 30s designs often relied heavily on the Chinese-influenced ‘chinoiserie’ style that had been popular in the eighteenth Century. British designers and consumers rarely distinguished between Chinese and Japanese influences in this period. The result was a generalised 'Oriental' style. Silhouetted landscape scenes featuring pagodas and cherry blossom trees strung with lanterns are typical of the oriental style during this period. They were frequently printed in the brilliant colours of the ‘jazz’ era which gave a feeling of luxury and exoticism.
  • Wallpaper, around 1920, Heffer Scott(SW869)

    A Japanese lady is partly illuminated by the moon, standing with a parasol in a shaded pagoda, surrounded by silhouetted trees. This wallpaper is typical of the 1920s fashion for a highly romanticised view of the Orient.

  • Wallpaper by George H. Wills of the Silver Studio (SW679)

    This wallpaper features a Chinese-influenced ‘chinoiserie’ design and was designed by George H. Wills of the Silver Studio in about 1925. This wallpaper uses metallic highlights, which was common in the mid 1920s as it enhanced the exotic appearance of the design. This paper is typical of cheaper wallpapers of this period.

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