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Part 1: Textile fabrics
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designed by Reynolds, Alan Munro,
manufactured by Edinburgh Weavers, 1960

This curtain textile was designed by Alan Munro Reynolds for Edinburgh Weavers in 1960. It is a screen-printed cotton tweed fabric. In the early 1960s, commercial screen-printing encouraged the use of big, bold designs and textures on fabrics such as this one. Manufacturers often commissioned designs from artists like Alan Munro Reynolds, which were popular in design-conscious British homes. New houses built in the 1960s had larger windows and more spacious living areas than in older homes. This meant that curtains became a key feature in rooms.

Object Number


Screen printed, woven tweed cotton.

height: 955mm
width: 1230mm (BADDA1289.1)

height: 1880mm
width: 610mm (BADDA1289.2)

Further Reading

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