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Practical Home Decorating on a Small Budget

Homes & Gardens, publisher, 1950 - 1960

This is an illustrated guide to DIY home improvements published in the 1950s as part of the Home & Garden gift booklet series. This particular booklet is a guide to ‘practical home decorating on a small budget.’ The 1950s saw a frenzy of interest in home improvements. British consumers spent a lot of time and money improving and modernising their homes. They were influenced by magazines, new television programmes and by events like the Festival of Britain in 1951. People became interested in DIY home improvements because they were looking for affordable and practical ways to enhance their homes following the destruction and austerity of the Second World War.

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Hard back. Colour printed paper with some colour drawings and photographs.

height: 252mm

Further Reading

de Joia, Roberta (ed). A Popular Art: British Wallpapers 1930-1960 (Exhibition Catalogue). London: Middlesex University Press, 1989.

Publication - Practical Home Decorating on a Small Budget