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Photograph of interior of house in Enfield, 1958


This image shows one of a collection of photographs showing the interior of a house in Enfield, London in 1958. The owners of this house were a young married couple. They bought this house in 1958 for £2100. They had only recently moved in when these photos were taken, so the decoration looks a little sparse. The furniture they chose for their home included a Kandya dining table and chairs that was purchased at a shop in Stoke Newington and a Put-U-Up sofa by Greaves & Thomas. These were popular pieces of furniture for British consumers in the 1950s.

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Black and white photographs. Copied from the original photographs lent by the donor.

Further Reading

Leighton, Sophie (2009), Shire Guide to the 1950s Home, Shire Publications Ltd.

photograph - Photograph of interior of house in Enfield, 1958