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Photograph of Home Charm shop in Forest Gate


One photograph from a collection of five photograph albums showing images of wallpapers shops in the 1960s. This photograph shows the Home Charm shop in Forest Gate in 1966. This shop and others like it were a familiar part of London's high streets before the rise of the DIY superstores. The shop (and shop window) is crammed with an overwhelming array of papers and paints. All the shop interior surfaces were covered with wallpapers, vinyls and wood effect papers. Even the ceilings, floors and counter tops were used to sell products. The windows of this shop also advertise Green Shield stamps, a ubiquitous feature of shopping in the 1960s and 70s. Shoppers were given stamps by certain retailers to stick in a book, and once enough were collected they could be exchanged for gifts

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height: 281mm
width: 243mm

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ephemera - Photograph of Home Charm shop in Forest Gate