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Ration Book
Ration book, North London


Ministry of Food, Publisher; Ministry of Food - Great Britain, 1953 - 1954

A post-war ration book contining 'personal points' coupons for a range of food stuffs from sweets and tea to bacon, fats and cheese. The book also contains two loose coupons to be taken to a retailer in order to collect rations. The Food rationing scheme for the Second World War ran from January 1940 until 1954. It was the first restricted wartime supply. Later clothing and furniture would be rationed. The ration book - although an anonymous piece of design - is now an iconic item and embodies life in the war. The ration book meant that everyone was entitled to the same amount of food. Some extra allowances were made for young children, expectant and nursing mothers. The government took great pains to promote creative ways for cooking with limited supplies through radio, recipe books and promotions and growing vegetables at home was encouraged.

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height: 130mm

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