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[Catalogue from the Times Furnishing Company]

Times Furnishing Company, publisher, 1930 - 1940

This is an image of a page from the Times Furnishing Company catalogue published in the 1930s. It shows typical inexpensive furniture of the period suitable for living rooms. Houses and flats built in the 1930s were not as large as those built previously. Furniture was smaller and less was needed to furnish a room. Three-piece suites like the one pictured here were important and desirable in living rooms. Often solid-looking and square, they had fixed covers, preferably in plain woven fabrics.

Object Number


Colour printed paper.

height: 175mm
width: 225mm

Further Reading

Protheroe, Keren. Bloom and Blotch: The Floral Print and Modernity in the Textile Designs of Winifred Mold and Minnie McLeish 1910-1930, unpublished PhD thesis, Kingston University, 2013.

Publication - [Catalogue from the Times Furnishing Company]