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Designing a kitchen with Wrighton Californian

designed by Walters, Nigel,
F. Wrighton & Sons - London, publisher; Times Furnishing Company, 1958

This is a fully illustrated catalogue of Wrighton Californian kitchen cabinets designed by Nigel Walters and sold through Times Furnishing Co., published in 1958. Kitchens became a more integrated part of the home in the 1950s. They were no longer purely functional rooms, but places where housewives and families would spend a lot of their time. For this reason it was increasingly important that kitchens were pleasant rooms. Catalogues such as this one gave examples of how this could be achieved. Houses built in the 1950s were also smaller than older homes. Kitchens and dining rooms often merged together, creating kitchen-dining rooms that saved on space. In this catalogue image, the dining table has become a part of the kitchen’s furniture.

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Colour printed paper.

height: 170mm
width: 235mm




Publication - Designing a kitchen with Wrighton Californian