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Mrs Beeton's Every Day and Housekeeping Book

Beeton (Mrs), author,
Ward, Lock & Co. - London, Publisher, 1890

This image of a dining room featured in Mrs. Beeton’s Every Day and Housekeeping Book, published in 1890. Entertaining guests was an important part of British life in middle-class homes at the turn of the century. The dining room and dining table would be carefully set with fashionable china, glass and cutlery. Ornate floral arrangements were popular table embellishments. The food served at dinner parties in the late 19th and early 20th century was also expected to look attractive. This illustration shows the care that went into preparing visually appealing dishes for guests. ‘Mrs Beeton’s Every Day Housekeeping Book’ was a complete guide to Victorian household management. It has chapters with advice on the management of servants, childcare, poisons and animal husbandry, as well as about 900 pages of recipes.

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Publication - Mrs Beeton's Every Day and Housekeeping Book