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Madge's Book of Cookery and Home Management
containing over 1000 practical recipes of an up-to-date and economical description, together with directions upon every branch of home management


Humphry, C.E. (Mrs), Author,
Horace Marshall & Son - London, Publisher, 1901

This advertisement for a gas stove featured in a book entitled ‘Madge’s Book of Cookery and Home Management’. It was written by Mrs C E Humphry, and published in London in 1901. At the turn of the century, free-standing gas stoves such as the one featured here were available, but unusual. Most households that had one used it alongside a traditional range. The book aimed to ‘supply recipes which are not to be found in the generality of cookery books, but which are suited to the requirements of households in which the amount expended on food has to be limited.’

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Publication - Madge's Book of Cookery and Home Management