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Twyford Bathrooms: Fixtures in Colour
Booklet No. 489 : Coloured "adamant" sanitaryware
Catalogue of Bathroom fittings, 1935


Twyford Bathrooms, publisher, about 1935

This is a catalogue of bathroom fittings published by Twyford Bathrooms in 1935. New houses in the 1930s were built with plumbed-in bathrooms and indoor toilets for the first time. This was a large part of the attraction for people moving to the suburbs. Tiles were widely used in bathrooms to create hygienic walls and surfaces. They were usually white or cream, rather than coloured as shown in this image. Although tiles tended to be plain, coloured bathroom suites became popular in the late 1930s and were introduced by all the leading manufacturers. Twyford’s suites were unique because the insides of fittings were finished in white.

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