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'Homemaker' Plate
Household Objects

designed by Seeney, Enid,
manufactured by Ridgeway Potteries Ltd. - Staffordshire, about 1958

This ‘Homemaker’ plate was designed by Enid Sweeney for Ridgeway Potteries in about 1958. The plate was sold in British branches of Woolworths between 1958 and 1970 for a reasonable price. Its bold monochrome design is typical of popular 1950s styles. This particular plate was part of a set bought by a family in New Barnet in 1964 following the birth of their daughter. The husband was sent to buy more plates because the in-laws were coming to stay, but the wife never liked the design.

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china, underglazed and detergent proof

height: 20mm
width: 255mm

Household Objects - 'Homemaker' Plate