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Clarks gas apparatus
Catalogue of gas appliances, 1930s


manufactured by Clarks Stove Company - London, 1930 - 1939

A fully illustrated catalogue published in the 1930s by Clarks Stove Company and featuring a range of gas stoves, toasters and irons suitable for a small house. An 'Avon' gas cooker is featured in this catalogue. Avon cookers were designed for households of two or three. The the one featured in the catalogue is has a grey-mottled porcelain enamel finish and white door which made it easy to clean. Plate racks and shelves were included as a method of labour-saving and space-saving.. It had a In the 1930s, gas cookers were more popular than electric stoves, as many houses had wiring only for lights. Gas was also cheaper to run and temperatures could be quickly adjusted.

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