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'Toccata' fabric design

Part 1: Textile fabrics
Part 2: Textile fabrics

designed by Tierney, Robert,
manufactured by David Whitehead Ltd., 1960

This screen printed heavy cotton textile was designed by artist-designer Robert Tierney in 1960 for leading manufacturer David Whitehead Ltd. The pattern uses geometric shapes and bright colours that have been designed to create a painted effect. Textiles designed by artists were popular with British consumers during the 1960s. This particular textile was used to make curtains for a boy’s bedroom in Southgate, London. The material was probably bought in John Lewis on Oxford Street in 1963. The householder wanted to give her sons furnishings that were not ‘babyish.’

Object Number


Screen printed on heavy cotton.

height: 957mm (BADDA4254.1)

width: 1135mm (BADDA4254.1)

height: 975mm (BADDA4254.2)

width: 1140mm (BADDA4254.2)

Further Reading

'The Ambassador', No.1, 1960, p.82

Textile - Toccata