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The New Estates Magazine
The New Estates Magazine, 1934


Berg, Ellis, Editor,
E. & L. Berg - Firm, 1934

‘The New Estates Magazine’ was published by the housing developer E & L Berg in 1934. In the 1930s, E & L Berg built many new houses in the London suburbs. This magazine has a special feature on their new development of ‘Sunspan’ homes. The original ‘Sunspan’ house was designed by architect Wells Coates in the Modernist style and was exhibited at the Ideal Homes Exhibition in 1934. This magazine describes the Sunspan house as ‘the home of tomorrow’. The building ‘lets in more sunshine than any house ever built’ and was designed to make the home a ‘place of untrammelled comfort, perpetual ease, increasing delight.’

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height: 250mm
width: 190mm

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Publication - The New Estates Magazine