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designed by Groag, Jacqueline,
David Whitehead Ltd., 1952

This is a large curtain panel made from a fabric designed by Jacqueline Groag in 1952 for David Whitehead Ltd. Jacqueline Groag was an influential and well-known designer in the 1950s. Her inventive designs and innovative use of colour made her designs attractive to manufacturers. During her career, she has worked with leading textile manufacturers and retailers, including the well-know British firm David Whitehead Ltd. Jacqueline Groag’s work inspired many of the designers who exhibited at the Festival of Britain in 1951. This curtain panel is a good example of her innovative design compositions and daring use of colour.

Object Number


height: 1748mm
width: 1185mm (across the bottom hem of the curtain panel)

Further Reading

Peat, Alan (1993), 'David Whitehead Ltd: Artist Designed Textiles 1952-1969' (exhibition catalogue), Oldham Leisure Services, p.20 (illustration 8) & p.26