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designed by Angus, Peggyabout 1960

This wallpaper was designed by Peggy Angus in about 1960. It is hand blocked from a linocut. Peggy Angus was an artist and a designer who produced wallpapers by hand-printing block cut designs in the 1960s. The patterns were printed onto lining paper using house emulsion paint. Peggy Angus’ wallpapers were specially made for each of her customers and were never mass produced. They appealed to people who wanted an exclusive look for their homes. Angus explains that her wallpapers are unique because “no two prints, even from the same block, are alike. The subtle irregularity in the pressure of the printer’s hand can never be matched by the machine.”

Object Number


wallpaper colour printed from linocut

height: 360mm
width: 260mm

Further Reading

de Joia, Roberta (ed). A Popular Art: British Wallpapers 1930-1960 (Exhibition Catalogue). London: Middlesex University Press, 1989.

wall covering