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Studies in Harmony: A prelude to a brilliant season

T. Whatley & Son - Middlesbrough, publisher, 1937

This is a wallpaper catalogue by T Whatley and Son in 1937.The catalogue has a side panel of selected wallpapers samples. The illustration shown is of a living room decorated in the autumnal colours that were popular during the 1930s. The walls of the room have been decorated using cut-out corner borders applied over plain ‘porridge’ wallpaper. ‘Porridge’ papers added texture and were produced mainly in creams and low tones. The corners could be co-ordinated with these wallpapers to create a unique look for each customer. The cut-outs in this design are stylised cacti which the catalogue describes as having “a hint of freakishness.” Other popular designs of the time included plants and flowers native to the British Isles.

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Colour printed paper, stapled wallpaper samples on the back page.

height: 200mm
width: 130mm

Catalogue - Studies in Harmony: A prelude to a brilliant season