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Katagami stencil

about 1870

A Japanese katagami stencil featuring a design of three peacocks, bunches of stylised flowers infront of a background of curved shapes. This is one of around 400 Japanese 'katagami' stencils which are part of the Silver Studio Collection. The stencils were produced in Japan as a way of applying patterns to fabric, mainly kimonos. The katagami collected by the Silver Studio all date from the 1860s and 70s, and were used by the Studio's designers as reference material via which to produce their own Japanese-inspired patterns.

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mulberry bark paper, paper cutting
Layers of Japanese paper (glued with wheat starch paste), stained and waterproofed with persimmon juice.

height: 250mm
width: 395mm (unmounted)


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katagami stencil
Katagami stencil