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Practical Householder

December 1968

One edition of Practical Householder magazine, December 1968. First published in 1955 and edited by F.J. Camm, Practical Householder was the first DIY publication of its kind. Post-war Britain had embraced the concept of DIY wholeheartedly and Practical Householder was packed with features and illustrations showing the reader how to do such things as ‘lay linoleum, re-enamel the bath, repair refrigerators, complete household plumbing and install electrical apparatus’. Still published today Practical Householder is Britain’s leading DYI magazine. MoDA holds unbound editions of the magazine from 1955 to 1978.

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Colour printed cover, black and white printed pages, sewn binding.

height: 285mm (1961 edition)

width: 208 (1961 edition)


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magazine - Practical Householder