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New sights of London
New Sights of London, 1960


London County Council, publisher, 1960

'New Sights of London' was published by the London County Council in 1960. Drawing predominantly on the Administrative County of London Development Plan of 1955, this book describes the intention to relieve an over-crowded London with high rise housing developments, subways, gyratory roads and the creation of more green spaces for inner London. The cover includes a new modernist school by architect Denys Lasdun A new, stylish, 1960s London is represented here. Contemporary architecture and modern sculpture feature on this cover alongside a cool, new typeface and bold colours. This cover is all about Britain creating a positive, progressive vision of the future. The illustration of a crane on the left hand side of this cover shows that this new Britain is not static, but is part of an on-going process of growth

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Colour printed cover, black and white printed pages with illustrated photographs, drawings and maps.

height: 280mm

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