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The Studio


The Studio magazine was first published in April 1893. It championed Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau designers, and became one of the leading art periodicals of the English-speaking world. It frequently featured the work of leading designer such as Aubrey Beardsley Charles Rennie Mackintosh and CFA Voysey. Arthur Silver was featured in an interview in The Studio magazine in 1894. MoDA holds bound and unbound editions of The Studio from 1893 to 1910 (Volumes 1-51) and later editions from 1915 to August 1950 (Volume 140). Alongside the main magazine, MoDA also holds The Studio Special Numbers 1900-1921 (incomplete) and The Studio Year Books of Decorative Art 1906-1919 (incomplete).

Object Number


Later editions of The Studio were colour printed.
MoDA holds both bound and unbound editions.

height: 290mm (Bound 1898 edition)

width: 215mm (Bound 1898 edition)

height: 246mm (Unbound 1944 edition)

Width: 190mm (Unbound 1944 edition)


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