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Good Housekeeping

Hearst Corporation - New York, publisher, 1927-1936

'Good Housekeeping' magazine provides an excellent insight into the changing role of women from 1920’s onwards, and specifically their relationship with the domestic sphere. It is similar in content to 'Housewife' magazine but published on a monthly basis and larger in size. It covers a variety of topics from housing, furnishing and children to fashion and beauty. Furthermore, it also includes a section on the Good Housekeeping Institute, the aim of which is ‘to help better the lives of consumers and their families though product evaluation and education’ The magazine was first published in 1922, and was still running in 2012. MoDA holds unbound copies from 1927 to 1936 and 1946 to 1979 (incomplete).

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height: 222mm (1947 edition)

width: 165mm (1947 edition)

height: 285mm (1968 edition)

width: 215mm (1968 edition)


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magazine - Good Housekeeping