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wall covering

designed by Belcher, William,
manufactured by WPM; Lightbown Aspinall, 1960

This wallpaper was designed by William Belcher in 1960, for the Wallpaper Manufacturers Ltd and Lightbown Aspinall as part of their ‘Palladio’ range. Patterned wallpaper was less fashionable among British consumers in the 1960s. Where wallpaper was used in design-conscious homes, it was often used on just one wall. Patterns were simplified, and textured papers became popular. This wallpaper is a screen printed, but has been designed to give the impression of a textured surface.

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Colour screen printed wallpaper.

height: 630mm
width: 505mm

Further Reading

de Joia, Roberta (ed). A Popular Art: British Wallpapers 1930-1960 (Exhibition Catalogue). London: Middlesex University Press, 1989.

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