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'Desert and Camels' or 'Sahara'
wall covering

designed by Bawden, Edward,
manufactured by Curwen Press, 1928

This wallpaper was designed by Edward Bawden for manufacturer Curwen Press in 1928. Edward Bawden was a London-based artist and illustrator. This wallpaper was called ‘Sahara’ and features small, stylised red and black camels and Bedouins riding through a yellow and gold desert landscape. Bawden was one of Britain's official war artists during the Second World War when he produced a series of watercolour paintings. He was also commissioned by London Underground to design tiles for tube stations. Bawden’s ferry punt design is still used as a tile motif at Tottenham Hale Victoria Line Underground station in London.

Object Number


colour lithograph after linocut

height: 541mm
width: 702mm

Further Reading

de Joia, Roberta (ed). A Popular Art: British Wallpapers 1930-1960 (Exhibition Catalogue). London: Middlesex University Press, 1989.

wall covering - 'Desert and Camels' or 'Sahara'