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WPM; Lightbown Aspinall, 1955

This is a sample of wallpaper from a WPM and Lightbown Aspinall album from 1955. Wallpaper sample featuring a Mediterranean scene of people, a trattoria, a dog, boats, cafes and stalls, in black, yellow, red and white, on a blue background. Pictorial papers of this type were frequently used in restaurants and coffee bars as well as in domestic kitchens. They reflect the increasing popularity of the Mediterranean in the 1950s.

Object Number


Colour screen printed wallpaper.

height: 500mm
width: 435mm

Further Reading

de Joia, Roberta (ed). A Popular Art: British Wallpapers 1930-1960 (Exhibition Catalogue). London: Middlesex University Press, 1989.
Catalogue number 211.

wall covering - Bistro