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And So to Sew


And So to Sew was one of two bulletins published by the Needlework Development Scheme (NDS), based in Glasgow (see also And So to Embroider). The bulletins ran from 1944 to 1961. The Needlework Development Scheme had originally started in Scotland in the 1930s as Needlework Development in Scotland, and was then re-established after the Second World War. Its primary aim was to improve the standard and technique of embroidery practice by targeting teachers and students, as well as other groups such as Women’s Institutes. Although the Scheme had started in Scotland, it expanded into the rest of the United Kingdom during the 1950s. Both bulletins were published three times a year, and distributed mainly to school girls as well as other interested groups. They were initially provided free of charge until 1958, when the Scheme was forced to charge for bulk orders in order to cover costs. MoDA holds the 'So to Sew' bulletins 13A, 23A and 27A along with editions of the 'So to Sew Embroidery Section', 1B, 4B, 5B and 6B.

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Each bulletin is a colour-printed folded sheet of paper. The embroidery sections are the same but printed in black and white.

height: 275mm
width: 215mm




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