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National Service
Friendly People and Service


Currys, publisher, 1950-1970

National Service was the house magazine for employees of Currys, a high street retailer selling household electrical appliances. The magazine was published five times a year (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Christmas) and typically contains production and retailing features, mixed with articles about the company itself and its workforce. Editions from the 1950’s focus more heavily on products, and there is much emphasis on the new televisions which were coming onto the market. Later editions from the 1960s tend to concentrate primarily on staff activity, although there are some interesting articles which reflect the changes in high street retailing taking place at this time: for example, ‘Self Service at Currys’ (Autumn 1956) discusses the potential impact on the store of the new trend for self-service, heralded by the success of the new supermarkets. Between 1950-1970 the title was changed twice: from Christmas 1963 it was known as Friendly People, until 1970 when it changed again to Service. MoDA holds unbound editions from 1950 to 1970 (incomplete).

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Colour printed cover, black and white printed pages, staple binding.

height: 260mm
width: 190mm


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