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Needlecraft Practical Journal

Needlecraft Limited - Manchester and London, publisher, about1910

Needlecraft Practical Journal was the title of the illustrated needlecraft journal which had started out as Needlecraft. The one edition held by MoDA (No. 157) focuses on crochet edgings, corners and triangles and features a range of different patterns; these include ‘pansy’ and ‘swastika’ edging and corners, plus a ‘Marjorie’ knicker frill. Each design is illustrated in black and white, and there is small section at the black of needlework related to advertisements. This title amalgamated with The Needlewoman from 1940 onwards, and was subsequently published as Needlewoman and Needlecraft .

Object Number


Blue printed pages, staple bound.

height: 305mm
width: 250mm


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