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The Needlewoman

Tillotson & Son, Ltd., publisher, 1919-1938

This is one editon of The Needlewoman, a monthly women’s magazine about needlecraft with a variety of articles on needlecraft techniques from embroidery, crochet and knitting to tailoring and appliqué. Each volume tends to include patterns with an international flavor for example Persian screen-tapestry, Hungarian cushion covers and Ancient Greek embroidery, as well as fashion-led articles and home decoration ideas, for example making bed-sets and table linen. This title amalgamated with Needlecraft Practical Journal from 1940 onwards, and was subsequently published as Needlewoman and Needlecraft. MoDA holds 25 copies of the magazine, from 1919 to 1938.

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Black and white printed pages, colour printed cover, staple bound.

height: 300mm
width: 228mm


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