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Practical Householder
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George Newnes Limited - London, Publisher; Sun Printers Limited - Watford & London, Printer(s), 1960

This is the January 1960 issue of Practical Householder, which is one of six issues of the illustrated magazine. The other issues are February, April, May, June & July 1960. The January issue has a feature on 'Woodwork', the May issue has a feature on 'A Concrete Garden Incineration' and in July there is a feature on 'A Period Dressing Table Set'. Practical Householder was first published in 1955, and edited by F.J. Camm. It was the first DIY publication of its kind. Post-war Britian had embraced the concept of DIY wholeheartedly and Practical Householder was packed with features and illustrations showing the reader how to do such things as lay linoleum, re-enamel the bath, repair refridgerators, complete household plumbing and install electrical apparatus. Still published today, Practical Householder is Britian's leading DIY magazine. These issues represent a small part of MoDA's magazines and journals collection. For further details of other titles held, please refer to the Magazines & Journals Guide, which is available to download in pdf format from the website.

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Publication - Practical Householder