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A Floral Fantasy in an Old English Garden

Crane, Walter, Author,1899
Evans, Edmund, Engraver(s),
Harper & Brothers - New York & London, Publisher; Leighton, Son & Hodge, 1899

'A Floral Fantasy in an Old English Garden set forth in verses & coloured designs', by Walter Crane, engraved by by Edmund Evans and published by Harper & Brothers in 1899. The title page is spread across two pages and decorated in colour. The pages are printed on one side of the leaf only, each folded once in Japanese style and the book is bound by Leighton, Son & Hodge. The colour printing of this book was done by Crane's old printer, Edmund Evans. The use of photographic processes of transfer allowed Crane to work with softer outlines and gentler shades of watercolour than the old hand engraved blocks had permitted. This can be seen in the treatment of the narcissi. Their cut-off forms recall the use of this feature in Japanese woodcuts. The integration of text and illustration (though in a much simpler design than Morris would have considered) is clearly evident. The colour process used in A Floral Fantasy involves printing in relief, possibly from wood.

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Unpaginated, colour printed paper.

height: 280mm

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