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'Sanderson Decorative Papers' Wallpaper Pattern Book
wallpaper sample book

Arthur Sanderson & Sons Ltd., 1959 - 1960

This is a Sanderson's wallpaper pattern book from the 1950s. The papers in the book are designed for commercial purposes and on the inner page it is suggested that the papers could be used for boxes, cartons, silverware, books etc. and therefore they are sold in sheets as well as reels. Unusually the book is split into sections with the first few pages devoted to flock wallpaper colour swatches. The other sections include 'Fancies', 'Edging and Tartan', 'Christmas and Easter', 'Christmas motifs', 'Golds and Silvers', 'Leatherettes', 'Wood Grain and Dolls House' papers and 'Plan colour' papers.

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Bound wallpaper sample book.

height: 190mm
width: 265mm

wallpaper sample book - 'Sanderson Decorative Papers' Wallpaper Pattern Book