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On Tour: MoDA's Touring Exhibitions

MoDA has two exhibitions available to tour to venues around the country.  Both showcase different aspects of our great collections.   

Petal Power features the work of women employed by the Silver Studio in London between 1910 and 1940. It includes hand drawn and painted designs for floral dress fabrics, reflecting the fashions of the interwar period.  

Sonic Wallpapers features a selection of wallpaper samples from MoDA's extensive collections.  Each is accompanied by a piece of sound art created by artist Dr Felicity Ford, bringing a new dimension - sound - to a medium that is usually thought of only in visual terms. 

Books to accompany both Petal Power and Sonic Wallpapers are available from our online shop.

Petal Power and Sonic Wallpapers will be shown at venues around the UK in the coming year.  Please join our mailing list for regular updates about where you’ll be able to see them. 
If you are interested in hiring either of these exhibitions for your own venue please contact Sara at Expositionis for more information.  

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